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The founders of Giant were craftsmen and engineers. They understood their strengths. So to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible to people around the world, they did what they knew best. They set out to improve the cycling experience by following three guiding principles: craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration.

It began with lightweight aluminum frames. Giant’s ability to produce high-quality bikes at an affordable price allowed more riders to experience cycling in a whole new way. Since then, Giant has pioneered advancements in both aluminum and composite engineering. We introduced the first affordable carbon fiber bike, the Cadex 980 C, and transformed high-performance road bikes with our Total Compact Road design. In mountain biking, Giant’s Maestro Suspension established a new level of performance for off-road riding and racing.

Over the last four decades, Giant has grown well beyond its manufacturing roots to become the world’s leading brand of quality bicycles and gear. With more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide, we aim to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive.

Giant bikes win world championships. They win design awards, too. But most importantly, they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. We support that choice. We think it makes the world a better place.


Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes

We ride off-road to get away from it all. To climb mountains, to go deeper into the forest. To try and go a little faster and be a little smoother. From confident trail machines to super-fast lightweight race bikes, there’s a Giant Off-Road model to fit your needs and find new limits.

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)
Giant ATX 27.5 2 - 2015

On the trails or off the paved roads, Giant’s ATX 27.5 is your chance to… [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)
Giant Talon 27.5 3 - 2015

Giant's Talon 27.5 3 gives you the acceleration and lightweight feel of a… [more]

Giant Talon 29er - 2015

Take on the singletrack and more on Giant's Talon 29er. It all starts with… [more]

Giant Stance 27.5 1 - 2015

Assume the ready position and prepare yourself for trail shedding like… [more]

Giant Reign Advanced 27.5 0 Team - 2015

Giant's Reign Advanced 27.5 0 Team is a long-travel machine that scales… [more]

Giant Glory 2 (26") - 2014

Armed with 203mm of travel, Giant's Glory 2 features their ALUXX SL… [more]

Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 Team - 2015

Let's hope your riding buddies like the sight of your rear wheel, because… [more]

Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)
Giant Revel 3 - 2015

Giant's Revel 3 is ideal for running errands, pedaling to work and getting… [more]

Giant Road Bikes

Giant Road Bikes

Every road has its own personality. Some climb the highest peaks, others are your daily commute. Whether you’re slicing through wind in an all-out sprint, exploring backcountry roads, or riding to work, there’s Giant On-Road bike to make the most of your rides.

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (32 Reviews)
Giant Defy 1 - 2015

Innovative design and cutting edge tech make Giant's Defy 1 an excellent… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (9 Reviews)
Giant Defy Advanced 2 - 2015

Short rides, long rides, leisure rides, and full-on hammerfests: Giant's… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (6 Reviews)
Giant Defy 5 - 2015

Explore your world on two wheels with Giant's Defy 5. Giant's ALUXX… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (5 Reviews)
Giant Defy Advanced 1 - 2015

Find yourself riding farther and longer aboard Giant's Defy Composite 1.… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant Propel Advanced SL Frameset - 2015

Super sleek and undeniably aerodynamic, Giant’s Propel Advanced SL… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant Avail 3 - Women's - 2014

Giant's Avail 3 is perfect for exploring on your bike. Giant's ALUXX… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 - 2014

Giant's TCR Advanced SL 1 is a true speed machine, specially crafted for… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 - 2014

Giant's TCR Advanced SL 2 converts every bit of your efforts into forward… [more]

Giant Apparel

Giant Team Bib Shorts

Here's the ideal grouping, Giant's Team Bib Shorts and the open road.… [more]

Giant Liv/giant Signature Long Finger Gloves - Women's

Treat your hands to great gloves! The Liv/giant Signature long-fingered… [more]

Giant Team Aero Short Finger Glove

It's all about speed with Giant's Team Aero Short Finger Gloves. These… [more]

Giant Horizon Long Finger Gloves

Keep your hands happy and protected with Giant's Horizon Long Finger… [more]

Giant Liv/giant Allure Long Finger Gloves - Women's

Slip on Giant's Allure long-fingered gloves and answer the siren song of… [more]

Giant Streak Gel Long Finger Gloves

Giant's Streak Gel Long Finger Gloves have the support you need for… [more]

Giant Enhanced Thermo Convertbile Jacket

Inclement weather isn't the boss of you! Grab Giant's Enhanced Thermo… [more]

Giant Race Day Tri Suit

Make sure you're prepared to go the distance in your next tri. Giant's… [more]

Giant Parts

Giant Contact SL Road Handlebar

Giant's Contact SL Road Handlebar is made from a lightweight, tough 2014… [more]

Giant Liv/giant Contact Upright Saddle - Women's

Liv/giant's Contact Upright Saddle boasts an anatomic design for riders… [more]

Giant Connect SL Ski-Bend Carbon Aerobar Extensions

Giant's Connect SL Ski-Bend Carbon Aerobar Extensions are for use with… [more]

Giant Rear BMX U-Brake Lever

Die-cast aluminum bracket and lever [more]

Giant Connect XC Flat Handlebar

Giant's Connect XC Flat Handlebars are engineered from aluminum and… [more]

Giant Contact SL OD2 Stem (± 8°)

• 3D forged 2014 aluminum alloy with oversized box cross-section •… [more]

Giant Sport Disc Pads

• Durable organic pad compound • Quiet and powerful braking performance… [more]

Giant Contact Composite Seatpost

Giant's Contact Composite Seatpost features a spiral-wound, unidirectional… [more]

Giant Accessories

Giant Airway Pro 1 Carbon Water Bottle Cage

Hydration is only a short reach away with Giant's Airway Pro 1 Carbon… [more]

Giant Proway Bottle Cage

Hydration is only a short reach away with Giant's ProWay Bottle Cage.… [more]

Giant Gateway 5mm Bottle Cage

Giant's Gateway Bottle Cages use 5mm-thick tubular aluminum for a safe,… [more]

Giant Numen+ Click 1 LED USB Headlight

Giant's Numen+ Click 1 LED USB Headlight is a trusty companion when you… [more]

Giant PourFast AutoSpring Water Bottle
$10.00 - $11.00

• High flow, leakproof air valve automatically opens when the bottle is… [more]

Giant SureLock Straight Cable Lock

A lightweight lock for low security areas, Giant's SureLock Straight Cable… [more]

Giant Sport Bell

• Adjustable quick-release strap • Ideal for MTB handlebars • Fits 20-32mm… [more]

Giant Numen Click 1 LED Taillight

Giant's Numen Click Taillight is a trusty companion when you head out in… [more]



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