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Since 1978 Diamondback has been a leader in the bicycle industry. They make bikes to fit any riding style, whether you're into hard-core mountain biking, BMX, casual fitness riding, or anything else.

Diamondback's full-suspension bikes are second to none in terms of ride quality. The four bar layout of the Knuckle Box design achieves an optimized and neutral axle path. By manipulating the pivot locations of the Knuckle Box design Diamondback has come up with a design that has very low chain growth values, resulting in imperceptible to non-existent pedal feedback. This all adds up to a killer ride.

If you’re looking to go on some speedy fitness rides on the road, commute to work, or just cruise the bike trails, Diamondback’s line of hybrid bikes offers impressive quality and value. These versatile and extremely comfortable machines have easy gearing to conquer hills and powerful brakes for complete confidence on the way back down. Plus, the frame, wheels and components are built for effortless cruising and a smooth ride on even bumpy roads, bike paths and dirt country lanes.

BMX is what started it all for Diamondback and they continue to lead the way. From hard-charging race bikes to high-flying freestyle rigs, Diamondback has the right 20-incher for you and your style. And, one look at their impressive roster of team riders lets you know that Diamondback's bikes have been thoroughly tested and are ready for anything and everything!

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Featured Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Miz Della Cruz (20") - 2014

Diamondback's Miz Della Cruz is a groovy 20-inch cruiser they'll love riding thanks to its nimble-handling steel frame, easy-rolling lightweight aluminum wheels, comfortable… [more]

Diamondback Della Cruz (24") - 2014

Diamondback's Della Cruz 24 boasts a great-riding cruiser frame with wide bars and a comfy seat for a natural, upright riding position. It also features easy-rolling aluminum… [more]

Diamondback Viper (20") - 2014

Diamondback's Viper is perfect for aspiring racers and dirt jumpers alike. It lets you experience the speed of a race bike and the strength of a jumping rig in one affordable… [more]

Diamondback Junior Viper (20") - 2014

Diamondback's Junior Viper is where it all begins. It's a great starter bike for the aspiring junior racer and the casual dirt jumper. It lets you experience the speed of a… [more]

Diamondback Clarity 2 (700c) Women's - 2014

Diamondback's Clarity 2 is the perfect choice for fun, transportation and fitness. Its lightweight aluminum Diamondback frame rides like a dream, while the aero aluminum 700c… [more]

Diamondback Vital 1 (700c) Women's - 2014

Diamondback's Vital 1 is the perfect choice for fun, fitness and getting around in comfortable style. It features a nimble-handling Diamondback frame and easy-rolling… [more]

Diamondback Vital 2 (700c) Women's - 2014

Diamondback’s Vital 2 is a great choice for fun, fitness and getting around in comfort. You’ll love the lightweight aluminum Diamondback frame and the quick-rolling,… [more]

Diamondback Overdrive Comp (29") - 2014

Rolling on big 29-inch wheels, Diamondback's Overdrive Comp sails over roots and rocks that once stood in your way. This sweet 29er features a light, nimble aluminum frame… [more]



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